Djoser was de 2de vorst van de 3de dynastie.
Regering: 2668- 2649 v. Chr. Horustitel en -naam


djoser h

Beide meesteressentitel en -naam:

nebty: netjerichet


djoser nbty

Tombe Graf: Sakkara bekijk op google earth

Gouden Horustitel en -naam:

neboe Ra(?)


djoser gh

mummie Mummie: Caïro

Troontitel en -naam:

nesoe-bity: djoserit(?)


djoser nswbity

Geboortetitel en -naam:



djoser sara


Djoser, Egyptisch museum, Cairo

Djoser, Egyptisch museum, Cairo


Er is discussie over wie de eerste vorst van de 3de dynastie was: Nebka of Djoser. Peter Clayton zegt heel stellig op blz. 32: “The 1st king of the 3rd dynasty, Sanakhte (also given as Nebka), is little known…” Reynders, Ikram, Grimal en Verner plaatsen Nebka ook voor Djoser. Daryll Baker schrijft: “The Turin canon places him directly after Khasekhemwy, and directly before Djoser. The Abydos list agrees with the canon, as does Manetho. However, the Saqqara list has Nebka succeeding Sekhemkhet, and therefore the 3rd king of Dynasty 3. Also, a tale found in the Papyrus Westcar places Nebka after Djoser. Archeological evidence tends to agree with the Saqqara list and the papyrus.” Grimal schrijft op blz 63: “King Djoser, however, was not the first ruler of the 3rd dynasty… there are reasonable grounds for suggesting that the first 3rd dynasty king would actually have been Nebka, who is mentioned in papyrus Westcar. … However, nothing is known of Nebka’s reign since his section is missing from the Palermo stone. He and Djoser would have reigned for about the same length of time. Their parentage is not documented; it is possible that Djoser may have been either the brother or son of Nebka.”